NineX Closeup allows users to get close up images without using an expensive close-up lens and camera.
It implements a close-up lens (focal distance of 25~50mm) using a smart phone and makes it convenient to take a photograph and confirm the output with a guide part which uses a camera part and lighting part of the smart phone.
The focal distance can be maintained steadily by using the guide part, so it can be used as a magnifier for presbyopia.
As it is designed to have a 45° prism in the lighting part, light passes through the transparent guide part and doesn’t reach objects to prevent glare.
As original functions of a smart phone are used, users can easily manage videos and achieve high efficiency.
Users can choose and use the NineX Scope application dedicated to NineX Closeup.

(Applied models : iPhone5/5S, iPhone6/6S, iPhone6+/6S+, iPhone7/8, iPhone7+/8+)

How to use


Combine the case with the smart phone.


Connect the rear camera of the smart phone with the NineX-Closeup lens.


When used with the guide part, the focus will be automatically adjusted if the object is approached close to the lens.


The digital zooming function of the smart phone camera can be used, if necessary.

Used Example

Close-up photography
Dandelion seed

Natural observation Video