The NineX40 model implements a microscope function on the smart phone and replaces an existing USB microscope.
This model is an assistant lens that provides 10X magnification when attached in front of the existing smart phone lens and supports digital zooming up to 40X when combined with the digital zooming function of a camera.
In addition, it allows user to use the lighting system of a smart phone in dark places. As original functions of a smart phone are used, users can easily manage videos and achieve high efficiency.
It supports precision measurement (length, angle, area) when used with the dedicated NineX Scope applications, NineX 40.

(Applied models : iPhone5/5S, iPhone6/6S, iPhone6+/6S+, iPhone7/8, iPhone7+/8+)

How to use


After combining the case with the phone, insert the NineX40 lens into the groove.


After switching to the camera mode, place your smart phone close to the object to be observed.


If the image is not clear, turn the holder by hand to get a clearer image.


Use the smart phone lighting in a dark place.

Used Example

Fish egg
Snow crystals
LCD pixel
Length measurement
Angle measurement
Square area
Circle area
Insect observation (mite)
Insect observation (mayfly)

Natural observation Video