NineX-Telescope is a smart phone-based telescope equipped with the existing NineX case.
This is an optical instrument that is used to magnify and observe objects in the distance, which uses the monitor built in the smart phone.
As it is light, small and portable, it is easy to carry. It has an advantage of calibrating chromatic aberration as a reflecting telescope.
As original functions of a smart phone are used, users can easily manage videos and achieve high efficiency.
Users can choose and use the NineX Telescope application dedicated to NineX Scope.

(Applied models : iPhone5/5S, iPhone6/6S, iPhone6+/6S+, iPhone7/8, iPhone7+/8+)

Product specifications

Reflecting optical telescope

How to use


Connect the rear camera of the smart phone with NineX-Telescope.


Start the camera application of the smart phone.


Adjust the focus by turning the end part of the body to left and right.


When there is serious shaking according to user environment, it is possible to do fixed observation using a smart phone support stand.
(The smart phone support stand is not included in the product package but available for purchase.)

Used Example

Natural observation
Animal observation
Astronomical observation
Watching of performances
Observation of a building
Observation of a building

Astronomical observation Video